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Fight4Rights is a student-led initiative, based in India, which focuses on spreading awareness and highlighting gender and racial issues while taking action to support different members of society. 

An important part of social service is recognising one's privilege and using this place of privilege to help those who require support. Fight4Rights does so by collaborating with other NGOs and organisations to create a sustainable and long-lasting impact. 

We are incredibly grateful to all the support received and hope to receive more

A word from our Founder and Director... 

Siddhi Jairath (

Get to Know Us

"Social work and community service have always been a core part of who I am. My parents, Shivani and Vishal Jairath, have always emphasized the importance of giving back to our community, staying grounded, and remaining grateful for our countless privileges. After being inspired by the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and witnessing the sheer power that we, as young people, hold, I knew that I wanted to create a positive impact of my own to help out my community and to cultivate a community of empathetic individuals. And so, one day I decided to speak to one of my teachers, Dr. Shivangi Jaiswal, and with her guidance, I was able to establish Fight4Rights, which, through the support of my dependable and honest team, has grown to what it is today. I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming support that this forum has gained and for the community of supporters that has been established."

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