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Fight4Rights is a student-led initiative, based in India, which focuses on spreading awareness and highlighting gender and racial issues while taking action to support different members of society. 

An important part of social service is recognising one's privilege and using this place of privilege to help those who require support. Fight4Rights does so by collaborating with other NGOs and organisations to create a sustainable and long-lasting impact. 

Though small, we think big. We are incredibly grateful to all the support received. 

For the people, By the people. 

July 2023

'Melodies of Miracles'


Aayat is a 15-year-old, music-loving girl based in Kashmir who’s currently battling thigh cancer. This type of cancer is slow growing but eventually fatal, through the melodies of miracles concert, Fight4Rights collaborated with the bcpdf Cancer Foundation, India Music Hub and Building lives to contribute towards funding Aayat’s cancer treatment. 

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March 2023 - April 2023

Greensole x fuel a dream

Two of our members, Shobhita Nehra and Siddhi Jairath worked towards raising funds to create back-to-school kits for underprivilged students in collaboration with Greensole and Fuel a Dream. They raised 47.4k together!

Screenshot 2023-10-29 at 12.48.46 AM.png

June 2023



During Pride Month of 2023, we spread awareness about the prevalence of the LGBTQ+ community within India, we also spread awareness about popular misconceptions regarding Sex and Gender. We also created Playlists, Podcasts and Informative videos for anyone interested in learning more about the LGBTQ+ community. 


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In India, 50% of children from ages 6-18 do not go to school. With an increasing population, we also see an increase in the uneducated population. During the Shiksha project, members of the Fight4Rights initiative volunteered at an underprivileged school where they held several masterclasses to teach students different skills, helped with cleaning up and repainting the infrastructure of the school, planted trees and plants around the establishment, hosted a stationary drive to collect items required for the students and spread awareness about the current situation in terms of the illiterate population, reasons for this situation and methods to work this out. 


October 2022 -February 2023

January  2022- ()

'Take #1 and Action, Sexism'

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Upcoming Informative Booklet on Sexist Stereotypes in the Entertainment Industry created by Saloni Choubey, bringing insightful perspectives of the roles played by stereotypes and social stigmas in the entertainment industry. Coming Soon!



November 2021- April 2022


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Feed1Teach1 is an initiative started by Siddhi Jairath and Aanya Singh, members of the Fight4Rights team.


Due to the Pandemic, several underprivileged citizens have lost their jobs, shelters and only source of income. This situation has caused several to live in poverty and famine. It is our duty to help those around us! 

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August 2021- December 2021


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Project Muskurahat was done in collaboration with Nav Jagriti foundation, which is a women and children shelter based in Delhi. 

During Project Muskurahat, we worked towards selling originally-made items by underprivileged women at Diwali Melas to sponsor an educative field trip and also hosted several Bake Sales, we were able to eventually raise 50k through these initiatives. 

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October 2021- January 2022

Mental Wellbeing

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Mental Wellbeing is a vast and personal topic, it can be difficult to talk about, there are several stigmas and stereotypes that surround it. 

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Check out our Blogs written about Mental Wellbeing:

Check out some poems and art pieces related to Mental Wellbeing: 

March 2020- June 2020


Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 12.54.42
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.08.01 PM.png

Social and Gender stereotypes are all around us! From the toys children play with to the Stereotypes at the workplace! We at Fight4Rights hosted a workshop in at Pathways School, Noida to explore the concept of Stereotypes in collaboration with the Grade 9 Service and Action group. 

Check out the movie we created on Child Marriage: 

Check out our Art Gallery:

Read our Blog which provides all links and information about the Workshop:

body positivity

Our world today is filled with unhealthy beauty standards which are impossible to meet. From instagram posts to magazine covers, we’re taught that if we aren’t thin with an hourglass figure, with rosy cheeks, foxy eyes, photogenic looks and a ‘good- looking’ body, we aren’t accepted.

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December 2020- February 2021


May 2021-July 2021

Education for all

During project 'Education for all', our member, Siddhi Jairath worked with two underprivileged students based in Delhi. She taught them basic English skills and then raised a total of 120k to pay for their education for 3 years. 


January 2021-February 2021

Project 5X5X5 was an attempt to clear up Defence Colony in Dehradune. 5 members worked together with each member picking up 5 bags of trash for 5 consecutive days. Through this initiative, our members picked up 125 bags full of trash from the streets of Dehradune.  

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