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Bridging Educational Gaps: The 'Shiksha' Initiative by Fight4Rights

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

During the 'Shiksha' project campaign, we focused on the importance of education and linked it to the 10th SDG goal 'Inequalities'. We spread awareness about the impacts of social status, gender and economical disparity in education. We did this through Instagram posts (@fight4rights_official). We also conducted a stationary collection drive, the collected stationary was then donated to a school for underprivileged students and helped with infrastructural development of the school establishment. We were also given the opportunity to interact with students through interactive masterclasses on Football and Singing.

Figure #1: (Left to Right) Siddhi Jairath, Shobhita Nehra, Nayantara Jacob. Singing Masterclass team. Started off with interactive and introductory vocal excersize and did dance activities to loosen up. Then taught and collectively sang (with students), 'Ae Watan' and 'Azadi ki Khuli Hawa mein'

Figure #2: (Left to Right) Prabhir Bal, Raghav Chopda, Siddhi Jairath. Painting the school and helping with infrastructural development of the area.

Figure #3: Handed out stationary goody bags to students inclusive of writing notebooks, pencils, erasers, sketch pens, sharpeners, pens and scales.

Figure #4: Football Masterclass. Focused on passing, dribbling and scoring skills.

Figure #5: The results of the stationary drive. We were able to collect more than enough stationary, items worth more than 45,000 rupees. The stationary included; pencils, pens, sketch pens, crayons, notebooks, basic hindi reading books, english picture books, color pencils, bags, pencil cases, sharpeners, erasers, etc. All donations were given to the students studying at the school.

Figure #6: (Left to Right) Siddhi Jairath, Prabhir Bal and Raghav Chopda. Football masterclass team. Focused on passing, shooting and dribbling skill. Donated football to school.

Figure #7: 'Shiksha' project Instagram feed. Posts focused on; impacts of economical disparity, gender and social status on education and making an impact through donation drive and masterclasses.

Fight4Rights Instagram: @fight4rights_officia ( )

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