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October 2022 -February 2023: Bridging the socioeconomic gap and targeting SDG 10 - Inequalities, and working towards promoting fair and equal education for all.

During the 'Shiksha' project campaign, we focused on the importance of education and linked it to the 10th SDG goal 'Inequalities'. We spread awareness about the impacts of social status, gender and economical disparity in education. We did this through Instagram posts (@fight4rights_official). We also conducted a stationary collection drive, the collected stationary was then donated to a school for underprivileged students and helped with infrastructural development of the school establishment (through planting trees around the school and teaching children how to take care of plants and repainting the school buildings). We were also given the opportunity to interact with students through interactive masterclasses on Football, Chess, Time management, Healthy Emotional Expression and Singing.

Power in Numbers


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