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Body Positivity- Aditi Jomen Bhardwaj

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Body positivity is a big topic to conquer. Each and everyone has their own struggles they face with body positivity. The struggles can come from gender identity to body image. Moving on in the blog, we will be telling you about body positivity, how valuable body positivity is, how body positivity has a variety of examples, some of our favourite celebrities and influencers who have shared their journey with body positivity or are currently struggling with body positivity, a few tips on what we think leads to a healthy relationship between you and your love for your body, how much gender equality can impact body positivity and a brief on how colourism and beauty standards which have been previously covered on our instagram page @fight.4.rights101.

But before we begin, what is body positivity? Body positivity isn’t about promoting unhealthy lifestyles, it’s about encouraging acceptance for every type of body shape. Body positivity is making sure that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin, whether they’re short, tall, chubby, skinny or just in-between. What it isn’t about is telling everyone that it’s okay to starve yourself or overeat, sit in one place or day or never stop moving. It isn’t about promoting mannerisms that could be harmful, it’s about fostering the idea that everyone is beautiful the way that they are.

Body positivity is one of the biggest problems in our modern day society. Whether it is criticism from yourself or people on social media each and everyone of us struggle with it. Body positivity can begin from colorism to body shape and even with the clothing worn by specific genders and usually happens because of criticism towards someone's physical appearance. There are many cases where it has happened to not only us but to major celebrities from reality TV star Khloe Kardashian to a photoshoot done by Harry Styles. These are just a few examples of the many controversies we have had on the media but many can even happen amongst yourself in private. As you can see body positivity can happen because of many different causes and not specifically one.

Like mentioned above, body positivity can be portrayed in many different ways. There are many examples of this all over social media and possibly in your own surroundings. We have all seen people being criticized or have been criticized about this. One example is the influencers on all the social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok which have been popular platforms where people also seem to get a large amount of criticism about their physical appearance.

Many influencers are great examples of the topic. Influencers and celebrities like @k0uvr and @khloekardashian on Instagram have faced issues with people on the media about their body images. Influencers also face problems with colourism or the skin type they have. Celebrities and influencers like @winnieharlow have had problems with people discriminating against them about skin type. Winnie has a rare skin type called vitiligo. This causes parts of her skin to have different appearance. Although she gets a lot of discrimination for it, she has managed to become an amazing model who has inspired many.

Influencers and celebrities may get criticized but can be very influential and inspirational for people. Whether it is by sharing their journey or telling us their secrets, they have heavily influenced people and have helped people with maintaining a good attitude when talking about their physical appearance. An example being Khloe Kardashian. I am sure we have all watched the show that made her famous, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. During the earlier seasons she had struggles with hate comments towards her physical appearance. In the end it turned out for the better for her as she shared her struggles and journey towards loving and improving upon her physical appearance. Now she has become a big influence, modeling for multiple magazines even getting on the covers for the magazine Stellar.

Many people, even looking at people around the world, share their stories and need a little help with body positivity. That is why we have prepared a few tips on how you can change your opinion on your body image and learn to appreciate it.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people!

This can be extremely helpful when it comes to aspects like asking for opinions since they always give you positive feedback but now when it is necessary to give constructive feedback too.

  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to other people won’t help you love yourself more but make you feel bad about yourself. This can lead to health issues which will not make your journey any easier.

  1. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin

Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable is one of the most important parts. This helps your clothes work with your body and not against it.

Taking all these points into account, gender equality also creates a big impact on body positivity. Not only because of our bodies or features, but because of the clothing you wear. You are most likely to see that many women can wear mens clothes without having to face major criticism but when a man wears women’s clothing, many different opinions can surface. An example of this is when a famous singer-songwriter, Harry Styles, had taken part in a photoshoot with Vogue. Hearing this most people would find nothing wrong about it until hearing

To end off, I would like to say that we are all beautiful just the way we are and no matter what our body image is. Whether you're tall and skinny or short and heavy, we were born unique which should be something we are proud of not insecure about. Today we have covered what body positivity is, how it has impacted our world, how many influencers have influenced people and even how gender equality and colorism has affected body positivity. If anyone faces problems with body positivity remember that we shouldn’t be criticized or criticized on our body since we are unique and no one is taking that away.

Painting made by Aditi Gupta


Writer: Aditi Bhardwaj

Editer: Siddhi Jairath Art Piece: Aditi Gupta

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