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Nurturing Hope Amid Despair: The Feed1Teach1 Campaign by Fight4Rights

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The Feed1Teach1 Campaign is an initiative led by Siddhi Jairath and Aanya Singh, two students part of the Fight4Rights team.

Due to the Pandemic, several underprivileged citizens have lost their jobs, shelters and only source of income. This situation has caused several to live in poverty and famine.

We hope to help as many as possible. For this project, we will be conducting a Food and Clothes donation drive in the slums of India, the Food and Clothes will be collected by our societies, ATS Pristine and ATS Village. We will also be setting up a crowdfunding website to collect money which will be used to sponsor the education of 2 underprivileged children. Below is our process of planning, organizing and taking action.

Brainstorming Ideas: This was the first step in our process, we came together and discussed our passions and what we would like to achieve through this project.

Choosing our Ideas: This was our second step in our process, we chose an idea which interested us both (Helping those underprivileged), we started planning and exploring options.

Final Ideas: Next, we finalized our ideas and made our plan more specific. Our final ideas were; Hosting a clothes and food drive as well as sponsoring the education of two underprivileged children through Crowdfunding.

Progress Check: By October 29th, we had sent out emails and text messages and had started spreading awareness about our cause.

Spreading Awareness: We started spreading awareness through Posters and our Society WhatsApp groups requesting and collecting donations.

Spreading Awareness: We also used the @fight4rights_official page to create several posts explaining our cause and goals, spreading more awareness.

Collaborations: We collaborated with a official, experienced and trusted NGO 'Foundation of Life', in order to find proper areas to conduct our Food and Clothes drive.

Taking Action: We conducted Clothes and Food drives after selecting a location. We donated about 30 kgs worth of clothes and 50 kgs worth of food (rice, sugar, salt, etc).

Taking Action: Our crowdfunding website is still collecting money, so far we have collected 14,000 rupees through the website and another 6,000 rupees through UPI donations.

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